Board & Staff

Jonathan C. Pawlika, Chair
Ellen Percy Kraly, Ph.D., Vice-Chair
Kirsten Marshall, Treasurer

Hugh Bradford, Ph.D., Assistant Treasurer
Peter Gebhardt, Secretary

Wilber Allen
Jeffrey Durbin
Robert S. Fogarty, Ph.D. (sabbatical)
Donald W. Lake
Sarah Spitzer
Scott Swayze, Esq.
Judith Wellman, Ph.D.

Kevin Coffee, Executive Director
Pauline Caputi, Assistant to the Director

Courtney Bastian, Registrar
Michael Colmey, Director of Buildings & Grounds

Molly Jessup, Ph.D., Curator of Education
Gwendolyn Trew, Business Manager

New York State Charter
FY 2013-14 IRS 990
FY 2014-15 IRS 990
Organizational By-laws

Strategic Plan FY17-FY16