Board & Staff

Jonathan C. Pawlika, Chair
Ellen Percy Kraly, Ph.D., Vice-Chair
Wilbur Allen, Secretary
Kirsten Marshall, Treasurer

Hugh Bradford, Ph.D., Assistant Treasurer

Jeffrey Durbin
Robert S. Fogarty, Ph.D. (sabbatical)
Amy Gebhardt
Donald W. Lake 
Greg Owens

Sarah Spitzer
Tina Wayland-Smith, Esq.
Scott Swayze, Esq.

Judith Wellman, Ph.D.

Patricia A. Hoffman, Interim Executive Director
Pauline Caputi, Assistant to the Director

Michael Colmey, Director of Buildings & Grounds
Molly Jessup, Ph.D., Curator of Education
Gwendolyn Trew, Business Manager
Frankie N. Weaver, Ph.D., Curator of Collections

New York State Charter
FY 2013-14 IRS 990
FY 2014-15 IRS 990
FY 2015-16 IRS 990
Strategic Plan FY17-FY16