Exclusive Members’ Viewing: Mansion House Architecture

Members will have an exclusive viewing of the new exhibit, Mansion House Architecture: The Lost Drawings, on Friday, August 26 - 4:30 - 7:00 pm

Mansion House Architecture: The Lost Drawings features large architectural drawings ­ – plans, elevations and renderings – which resulted in the 1862 and 1870 buildings designed by Erastus Hamilton and the 1878 addition designed by Lewis W. Leeds.

Along with supplemental sketches and photographs, the architectural drawings show how these designs evolved and were altered by the Community client. These drawings help to clarify how architecture arose out of and facilitated the collective life of the Oneida Community.

Sometime after 1926, many of the original architectural drawings from the Oneida Community were place in storage in the central offices of Oneida Community Ltd. Those drawings remained hidden until 2014, when curators from the present-day Oneida Community Mansion House re-discovered them – somewhat worse for wear and age – in the storage rooms formerly used by Oneida Limited. The drawings were professionally conserved by West Lake Conservators, enabling us to view the drawings once again, more than 150 years after drafting pens were first put to paper.

Mansion House Architecture: The Lost Drawings is made possible with support from the Central New York Community Foundation and from EveryWare Global Inc.

Friday, August 26, 2016