Oct 15: International Archaeology Day

Join us on International Archaeology Day as we search for evidence of past lives in the landscape surrounding the Mansion House!

Landscapes are palimpsests; they are built up layers of past uses, altered during decades and centuries of uses to produce the landforms we recognize today. Archaeologists study human history in part by exploring and documenting those changes in built environments.

The Oneida Community (1848-1880) built a communal home consisting of dozens of buildings and hundreds of acres of land, which they used to support their specific ways of life, work, and thought. October 15, International Archaeology Day, we will seek out evidence of those past uses and try to locate built evidence to re-imagine how life was lived by the Oneida Community, its regional antecedents and descendants.

Wear comfortable hiking or walking shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather. Binoculars and cameras are encouraged!

Members: Free. Non-Members: $7. Students (ages 8 & up): $3.

Thursday, September 29, 2016