Take a look behind closed doors!  On this tour you will visit the towers, kitchen, collections areas, and vast basement of the Mansion House.  This walking tour takes visitors into every section of the 93,000 square foot building as you learn about the myths and rumors about life at the Mansion House—then and now!

Behind the scenes

Sneak Peek

Knowledgeable guides will keep you from getting lost as you wonder through the mysterious rooms and passages of the basement. 

In the basement of the west wing you’ll find the current and former laundry room.  But you’ll also find a surprise - dumbwaiter! This is a relic from the years when this room was used as the kitchen, with the dining room on the floor above.  The kitchen was eventually moved upstairs, too, but the dumbwaiter remains (and makes a handy laundry chute!).

Then head up a few floors to take in the views from the South Tower (left) and Sun Porch (right).

Traverse the balcony of the Upper Sitting Room on your way to peek inside the former apartment of the Community’s founder and leader, John Humphrey Noyes.

Visit the Big Hall’s balcony for a close-up view of the trompe l’oeil paintings on the ceiling.

And take a look at books and other artifacts from the Community era, as our curatorial staff show you how they care for the pieces in the museum's collection.

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