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Oneida Community Legacy: Oneida Ltd. Project

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Oneida Community Legacy: Oneida Ltd. Project. The goal of this project is to create an oral history of Oneida Limited, told through the voices of the people who worked there. 

Oneida Limited was once the largest silverware company in the world, but how did it become that? Who drove its success? What was it like to work there? Through audio recordings, we want to tell the story of OL and the day-to-day routines, notable events and lives of its employees. These narratives will expand our understanding of the connections between OL and the Community and provide an important addition to the Oneida Community Mansion House collection of Oneida Community-related artifacts. 

Former employees interested in volunteering to participate in the project should first complete the combined Volunteer and Consent online form.

When completed forms are received, a project volunteer will call to verify information on the forms and to set up a time for a recording session. Volunteers from the OCMH museum will conduct the recording sessions either by Zoom or in person with a socially distanced set-up with an audio recorder at the Mansion House. One hour will be allotted for the session with the option to schedule additional time if necessary.

Combined PDF version is available for download if you prefer.   Volunteer and Consent Form 

February, 2021 

Dear former OL employee: 

For the past few months, I’ve been working with the Mansion House (OCMH) to develop an oral  history project involving past employees of Oneida Limited (OL).


OL was unique in many ways. Given all that has happened to the company over the past years – both good and bad – I think it’s important to create a record of  “the way it was.” One way to preserve those memories is to collect first-person narratives from  people who worked in the company’s various departments. 

Titled “An Oneida Community Legacy: Oneida Limited,” the project involves recording  memories former employees have of working for OL: the day-to-day routines and notable  events in the lives of the people who worked for the largest silverware company in the world, from the shop floor to the Sales Office.  The recordings will be catalogued and used with museum exhibits and to preserve memories of the company for researchers and future generations.  


I hope you’ll consider participating. 

Dave Hill 
Former Sherrill resident and Project Lead 

Recordings will be edited and then catalogued for storage as OCMH museum material. Former employees who participate will have an opportunity to indicate how they prefer their recording be used (anonymous, may be used with exhibits, etc.). OCMH will allow access to the recordings by permission only.

Additional information about the project may be obtained by contacting:

Linda Evans  315 363-7097

Cathy Cornue  315 363-8339

David Hill