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Visitors are welcome on the grounds of the Mansion House. A perfect watchable wildlife destination, the historic property features century-old trees including two New York State champions, and beautifully landscaped lawns and gardens. Picturesque Sunset Lake, the Larches and nearby Oneida Creek are good locations for birding.  Birds observed throughout the area include great blue heron, cedar waxwing, belted kingfisher, Baltimore oriole, chimney swifts, great white egret, bobolinks, rose crested grosbeaks, spotted sandpiper, and a variety of woodpeckers, hawks, bald eagles and migratory songbirds.  Turkey vultures nest in the Silver Maple on the south lawn every spring.


Our site is a National Historic Landmark and protected according to the National Historic Preservation Act and other statutes. Disturbing the buildings or grounds is prohibited - including digging and sub-surface detecting (e.g. metal detecting) - and violators will be prosecuted.

Should you visit the grounds with your pet animal, please keep it leashed and collect any leavings. Pets must not interfere with other visitors or harass wildlife. Pets are not allowed in the buildings.

To support efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and safeguard the community, the Oneida Community Mansion House is temporarily CLOSED to the public. We look forward to opening Mansion House spaces for all to enjoy when circumstances allow.


In the meantime, look for our online offerings and stay connected via this site, Facebook, Instagram and our email subscriptions.


If you are local, please enjoy OCMH gardens, grounds and trails safely and responsibly obeying all state and local health ordinances.

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