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Video Mini-Tours

Children’s Wing

Discover the Children’s Wing, designed for the teaching and raising of the children of the Oneida Community.

Best Quilt

Tony Wonderley shows us the Best Quilt, designed by Oneida Community women in 1873 with squares depicting labor and leisure.

Nursery Kitchen

Tony describes the hustle and bustle of the Nursery Kitchen, one of the most intact spaces inside the Mansion House.

Curio Cabinet

The Oneida Community brought back many treasures from their round-the-world travels. Tony Wonderley discusses these travels, and shows some highlights from this popular spot in the museum.

Community Library

The Oneida Community had many avid readers, who devoured the latest fiction and nonfiction of their era. Take a peek inside their preserved library.

Dress Reform

Discover how and why Oneida Community women defied the social norms of their day by adopting the pantalette.

Upper Sitting Room

Tony explains how the architecture and function of the Upper Sitting Room helped to bring the Oneida Community together, as well as regulate behavior among members.

Sleeping Room

Discover how the Oneida Community’s beliefs on communal living were reflected in their bedroom arrangement.

Oneida Industries

Discover the major industries that kept the Oneida Community financially stable, including animal traps, fruit preserves, and silk.

Mansion House Exterior

Former curator Anthony Wonderley shows highlights of the Oneida Community Mansion House buildings and grounds.

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